When the hot, dry weather, that is of high fire risk, do not try to walk in the woods.If you still go, do not light the fire, refrain from smoking and picnic area with campfire.Remember: one stray spark could cause big trouble.
If you are long-sighted and wear glasses with the positive (collecting) lenses, try not to take them on a sunny day, for example, to clean the glass.The sun's rays can occasionally focus on dry grass or bark, it will begin to smolder.If you do not notice this quickly and did not put out the hearth fire is imminent.
For the same reason, do not leave and do not break apart in the woods empty
glass bottles.They also can successfully play the role of collecting lens.
Even if you are a passionate hunter, please refrain from the hobby.First, the summer hunting is generally prohibited, and you run the risk of incurring liability for poaching.Second, burning or glowing particles of powder liner that fell on dry grass or moss, it can easily cause a fire.
If you drive along the forest road, and it was necessary to fill the fuel tank, be sure to first stop the engine.Do not throw in the forest oily rags or rags soaked in gasoline.Remember couples lubricants are highly inflammable.
working in the garden area, directly adjacent to the forest, try to dry, fire-dangerous period unless absolutely necessary not to kindle a fire.Well, if the need is still there, do not leave it unattended, and then carefully pour water or fireplace threw loose earth.Do not burn out dry grass.
Do not forget that if because of your carelessness, negligence, happens forest fire you, depending on the extent of the damage and the severity of consequences, can threaten not only disciplinary or administrative, butand criminal liability.