Notes are located on the staff (five lines).Rulers considered to be from the bottom up.Notes are written left to right.Each line / mezhdustroche stave assigned ordinal value of the note, with the order of the music does not change.That is, in order to determine the position of all the notes on a stave, can be easy to determine the position of one;while the rest are calculated automatically.To know which note is selected as a starting, there are clues in the music - the special characters that are usually written at the beginning of the staff.Most often playing musical instruments, as well as for women's party singing, using the treble clef.
To succeed you must learn to read the notes .This is elementary, if we consider that there are only seven: do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si.Note, the d
istance between which is a multiple of an octave, called the same.It is important to understand that in music, there are derivatives of pure music.If we take as an example the piano, the white keys - it is pure sounds, and black - their derivatives, namely signs alternation (sharps and flats that are usually written to the left of the note ).Flat lowers a note on the full tone below and diez- to note increases in the full tone higher.
Notes have duration.Color notes and its flag (flag attached to a stick notes, called calm) determine its duration.Basic duration of notes: the whole (white note without calm), it bisection: half (white with calmness), then half is divided into 2 parts more and we get a quarter (black with calmness) as the division goes on and on.Equally rare as such notes in duration, as the eighth (black, calm is on the tip of a box), sixteenth (black, calm with two flags), thirty-second (black, calm with three flags), etc..Smaller length is rarely used.
often used the pause in the music.Sometimes the note attributed to a point.This means that the duration of the notes increased by another half.And also there are other breaks.They also are integers, halves, quarters, etc.
If you really want to learn to read your own notes sight and understand them, the important thing is to practice and persevere.