Call an ambulance immediately after the attack on you.Simultaneously, the police, dial the number 02 or call your nearest duty of the police department and report the facts of the crime.Just describe the signs and inform the offender, where he disappeared.In this case, the police will be more likely to quickly find the culprit.
Wait for the arrival of the police and get the first aid by medics arrived.Already during the assist police can hold a short conversation with you and draw up a report.Describe all the details of the incident, reported data on the witnesses if they were present at the crime scene.
Get help from medical staff to provide medical assistance, which will be transferred to the nature and extent of injuries you received, these doctors and time of care.In the future, this document you will need for
a successful conclusion of the case.
If for any reason (for example, serious injury), you could not go to the police at the crime scene, you can submit an application and later.This can be done in the duty of the police department in your place of residence or the prosecutor's office.Enter all the details of what happened in the application and attach the resulting medical certificate.Make sure to place that your application has been officially registered.Notice of initiation of a criminal case or refuse it you will get no later than 10 days from the date of application.
Come to the appropriate section to identify the offender, having received a formal notice.You will be asked to identify the person who attacked you of several suspects.Receipt of your information will be included in a common protocol and transferred the case to the court proceedings.Also be ready to come in the future at the request of the applicable authority for participation in the trial.