you need
  • phone, documents
Ask police to introduce before making his claim.According to the "Charter of the patrol," you have the right to see his ID.Already because of this requirement can result in an unpleasant conversation.Firstly, not every employee PPP carries a license.Secondly, he could wind up your literacy.

If the document is presented, write your name, the name of the ATS, and ID number.This will cause the police to be with you carefully and sensibly.
Call a friend, tell him to police data, so that in case of trouble they could confirm that you are dealing with one or another policeman.Alternatively, type 02 and say, "I, the surname, name and patronymic, illegally stopped by your employee
on a certain street."Calls to 02 are recorded and checked.
Find out why the police came to you.Remember that the presence or absence of a registration may be interested only in the FMS and district employees.Usually check the documents the employee has the right to carry out PPP only in one case: it must be a serious reason to believe that you are wanted or have committed a crime.However, it can be said that you are like a criminal, to whom he was given orientation.In this case it is better to produce documents.
shows his paper, not letting it go.After paying his staff PPP, you run the risk.Unscrupulous police can put the document in his pocket, even though by law the withdrawal of the passport can be made only in two cases - the conviction to imprisonment and detention.
Demand for the inspection of your personal belongings only to the preparation of the protocol and the presence of witnesses.If you feel that you enclose something in your pocket, do not respond and do not touch the subject.The minutes of detention have a question: "Do you at the things that you do not belong?" Respond positively and be sure to specify who and when you planted this thing.It will be difficult to prove that this thing is yours, it does not have your fingerprints.It is impossible to put into his pocket a thing, without touching it.
Be polite.Not every employee of PPP, stopping passersby pursuing selfish goals.Among the many police officers honest and decent people.So do not show excessive aggression.Just show that you know your rights.