Tip 1: It will be paid for assistance in solving crimes

The new law "On Police", adopted in February 2011, provides a reward citizens for helping police in solving crimes.Until now, this "service" was just words, because the bylaw was not adopted.Finally, in August 2012 the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has posted on its website a long-awaited draft order.

According to the Interior Ministry proposed project, the police will help citizens pay in the disclosure of serious, very serious or received great public crimes."Prize" can be paid to persons who have rendered assistance to the investigation, to provide accurate information, which contributed to the disclosure of the case or arrest the perpetrators.

Immediately it should be noted that the payment will not be made if the assistance was not sufficiently relevant to the disclosure of the case - who and what criteria will determine the significance of this is not specified.If the crime helped uncover several people designated amount will be distributed differentially, that is considered to be
the role of each volunteer in the capture and relevance of the information provided.

Earn rewards will not all citizens - the order shall not extend to law enforcement, regulatory agencies (Federal Penitentiary Service) and their relatives.

Appointment awards assigned to the heads of the territorial bodies of the Ministry of Interior at the regional, inter-regional and district level, the Interior Minister and his deputies.From the post depends on the amount of compensation as high as possible: the regional leaders may announce the prize of 500 thousand rubles, Deputy.Minister - up to three million, the Minister - over three million.

premium payment will be made at the expense of federal funds in the 2012 budget and for the planned period of 2013 and 2014 for this purpose was provided by 285 million rubles annually.

Until now, the Russian Institute of premium destination for your help in solving crimes did not exist, while in many Western countries, it is common practice.The initiative to pay compensation arose in the past, but inevitably faced with skepticism by human rights activists.In their view, the lack of a transparent scheme of payment of money does not allow you to track who will be paid the amount that will cause a lot of abuse.

Tip 2: How to report a crime

To investigate crimes law enforcement agencies to prosecute.Information about crimes can be obtained in different ways.Most of the criminal cases initiated when any person is reported crime .
How to report a crime
crimes, unfortunately, in our lives are fairly common.No one can guarantee that you will not become a victim or an eyewitness to the crime.And if that happens, you have the right to report the crime the competent public authority.Responsibility for failure to report a crime not provided, but it obliges the conscience and civic duty.
To report a crime first determine what his character: for example, a crime against the person or economic.About crime can be reported to any law enforcement agency, as the criminal procedural law requires law enforcement officers to make any statements about crimes and pass them on jurisdiction, but it leads to loss of time.Accordingly, it would be correct to report the crime in the body, which are in the jurisdiction of criminal cases the appropriate category and investigation.For example, about the murder should be reported to the territorial division of the Investigative Committee of Russia, the theft - in the local police, drug trafficking - the local department of Federal Drug Control Service.
Write statement crime , which indicate your name and surname, address and circumstances of the crime known to you.Samples of writing applications is usually posted on the bulletin boards near the duty unit.
Refer to the duty of the police, drug control, customs or duty investigator of the Investigative Committee with the written statement.Sign the application and specify the date of writing.If you have not had the time or opportunity to write a letter, tell me what you would like to make an oral report on crime .Then tell us a record in the minutes that you know about the crime and sign the protocol.Note that for the false information is a criminal offense, as you will be notified.Therefore, as a joke message crime better not to do.
adopted a statement crime should be reflected in the record book of reports of crimes, and you must give in acknowledgment the registration statement and the special alert card.