you need
  • information about the values ​​of a healthy lifestyle
everyone's strength to recall at least one video or poster with social advertising about the dangers of drugs.As a rule, they tell the truth about the consequences of their long-term use, so - no respect of persons.And if every day you see this ad, and educators, activists do not cease to moralize on this subject?The natural protective reaction of any normal psyche - is to remove the stimulus of sight, turned off upon its presentation.You know what I mean?Propaganda that "drugs - it is bad" and ban - ques
tionable in its effectiveness to do.It works only with those who are younger teens - for them has grown authoritarian, but it quickly passes.Bullying can affect only those who are weaker than you.And especially demonstrative and exalted the detailed description only draw to the subject under discussion.
the prevention and treatment of drug addiction is to focus on the "benefit" and values ​​which involves a healthy lifestyle.For a list of values, you can turn to a psychologist Rokkichu - family, love, friendship, creative, interesting work, and so on.However, the working list can be added depending on the case.With any addiction is easier to cope if therapies are and close relatives addict or whether they are simply setting a healthy lifestyle if to dangerous experiments, the case is still not reached.
In each case, try to understand the purpose for which child or teenager decided to try illegal drugs.Typically, these goals are not so much, but their understanding directs the work in the right direction.Among them - to draw attention to avenge others, to claim their rights, fear of being branded as "black sheep", the desire to be like his idol for significant drug addict.