soft slippers, ballet flats

basic training shoes ballerina - a Gym shoes or ballet shoes, soft slippers fixed on the leg elastics.Ballerinas are made of cotton fabric, but have reinforced heel and insole supports the arch of the foot.The sole is made of non-slip material.This shoe is offered daily lessons, classes in ballet schools.In these girls do Exercise at the bench and in the middle of the room.Ballerinas come in different colors, but in the classical dances frequently used white.These shoes vary in decoration - Gym shoes have a reinforced leather toe, conjoint or separate sole.

Typically, a student choose shoes based on their senses.ballet shoes are quite cheap and are a kind of consumable - with intensive training, they wear out and become useless in just a couple of weeks.An e
xperienced teacher can determine how good a dancer engaged, just looking at her Gym shoes.For example, when a strong rubble foot wears the inside of the shoe, and a correct statement of the legs involves just the wear and tear in the area of ​​the toe.Novice dancers are sometimes advised to use in training special soft ballet shoes, a cross between a conventional Ballet pointe.
Pick up ballet flats should be strictly on foot, they should not be free.

pointe shoes - professional shoes ballerinas

name of this shoe comes from the expression "to stand on pointe", which means - at their fingertips.Later, the name of the position and moved to the shoes.In doing pointe ballerina not all, but only by professionals.The ballet school girls stand on the toes only after 10-11 years, when the skeleton is more or less formed.Pointe shoes are quite expensive, because each pair is done by hand.However, such shoes and require frequent replacement, especially at the leading dancers.During one performance, they change several pairs of pointe.
addition to size, pointe shoes vary in fullness, height and hardness.

Pointe keep pace due to the rigid insole and penny - toe, which is a ballerina.Before Socks Shoes specially prepared - sew tape and split plaster toe pointe.Each artist has a serving their secrets for preparing shoe - someone breaks the insole, someone cuts the sole, and someone sheathes satin toe skin.Speakers have their pointe ballerina for each part of the play, in which they dance.