Never leave your belongings unattended for a long period of time.Otherwise, your property is sure to attract the attention of the thief, and then you run the risk of losing their property.
Do not leave home at a later time is not the best time of day for walking.According to statistics, 80% of thefts committed in the evening when it's getting dark.
Beware of suspicious people on the street.If you feel that after you someone is following on the heels, or is in a deserted alley, immediately leave this place, and if possible, run to where there is a large number of people that are likely to frighten the burglar.
Put valuables in the luggage room of the bank - this is the best way to protect property from theft.
in the house or apartment be sure to instal
l high-quality metal door hinges antisemnymi.Modern technology of entrance doors give a guarantee that no one in your home will not penetrate.Install surveillance cameras around the house, to know exactly what happened during your absence.
sure to install metal bars on the windows.They certainly do not make the window more beautiful, but if you live on the ground floor, then set them still have.
not allowed in his house of strangers, try to talk to you by unknown visitors in the entrance or gate of his house.
If you are going on vacation or a long trip, be sure to ask your relatives to look for housing.And best of all, if your house or apartment during this time he will live, who you trust 100%.
Set an alarm in the apartment or house.Yes, it's expensive, but if you have something to lose, it's worth it.Even in your absence, if necessary, the guards will come if the alarm to sound.
Insure valuable property with an insurance company.Insurance, of course, does not guarantee that you will not steal a thing, but you will be returned after the theft of a sum of money corresponding to the value of the stolen.