On the night of July 7 in the Kuban began flooding that destroyed houses in Gelendzhik, Novorossiysk, Krymsk and a number of villages.The moment when the first warning from the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the survivors were sitting on the roofs of houses, and the elderly, children and disabled people who could not escape were killed.This fact suggests that in part to blame for the deaths of hundreds of people by representatives of Ministry of Emergency Situations were not warned in time of distress and did not evacuate.

One of the causes of the flood is called loss of too much rain.According to official statements, a day at the Kuban five-month norm of precipitation has fallen, which caused the rivers to flood and flooding towns.Especially hard hit Krymsk, where the water level in some places exceeded thre
e meters.The current was so strong that even cars and trucks turned over under the pressure of the water.

unofficial version, which rejects officials Neverdjayevskaya is a breakthrough reservoir or organized or automatic water draining out of him.In particular, representatives of the Investigative Committee, it was found that the water from the reservoir actually merged, when a heavy rain, but we can not say for sure that this is what led to the tragedy.There are also rumors that the drain was not automatic, and specially organized as before officials had a choice: Krymsk flood or allow water to pass through other parts of the Kuban region, including by the area where the villa of President Putin.This version has been neither confirmed nor refuted.

Finally, the official theory is that the flood in the Kuban was due to the development pavodkoopasnyh territories.To the tragedy is not repeated in the future, Gosprirodnadzoru, Rosvodresursy and Roshydromet been instructed to take all necessary measures.It was decided as soon as possible to restore the hydrological stations, to ensure the best operation of stations in Krymsk and Novorossiysk, as well as to take measures to prevent new disasters.