works of art created in the distant ages and come down to our time, allow today to receive pleasure and feel the idea of ​​the author, addressed to posterity.Masterpieces of which humanity has inherited from ancient Egypt and Greece, are still unsurpassed examples of our skill and inspiration, symbolizing the connection between many generations of people and their unity in perception prekrasnogo.Tsennost art in that it is a unity among themselves subject, the person and the subject - to study the works of art, which are transmitted in a generalized form of human experience.Its value lies in the fact that the viewer or reader has a chance to touch what bothered author of the work, agree or argue with him, to c
ompare their actions and thoughts of the hero of the work.It is a dialogue without words, at the level of thoughts and feelings that can cause strong emotions much more than just a conversation between two lyudmi.Takie works of art, as an epic, painting, dance, sculpture, poetry or pantomime is very different in terms of features and toolsreflection methods depicted in these life events.But each of them is a clear imprint of the national historical period in which they were created, and generally transmitted especially experiences and feelings of the people of that period.Leo Tolstoy identified art as a way of sharing feelings between people, then as a science he called way exchange of ideas.Art allows other people to feel the author's attitude and look at what is happening through the thoughts and feelings of the artist.Art, therefore, enables us to expand our consciousness and to pay attention to the phenomena of life, that will impress the author proizvedeniya.Iskusstvo influences the emotions and intellect of man.It subconsciously helps to form his system of values ​​and attitudes, not just motivates people to action.The influence of art on man and his world is difficult to overestimate, it awakens the spiritual faculties of man, cries out for his best qualities.That is why it is so necessary art .