Only from XIX century urban living conditions have changed dramatically for the better.But there is still no consensus on what should be the ideal modern city.The modern city (especially the metropolis) a lot of merit.It - comfortable home with all the necessary amenities, a lot of businesses, organizations, making it possible to get a job, the mass of the conditions for the most diverse leisure activities.But enough and disadvantages, among which, first of all, you must specify the bad environment (excessive noise, fumes due to the industrial and automobile emissions), traffic jams, crush and rush that inevitably leads to nervousness, stress.Therefore, the issues of arrangement of
the city, to make it convenient and comfortable, are now paid much attention.
Construction in new roads, houses and public buildings, organization of recreation areas, as well as the reconstruction of existing facilities should be carried out so that in the end managed to combine many important factors.The maximum possible preservation of historic appearance of the city should be combined with the transport accessibility, providing residents with all the necessary infrastructure (schools, hospitals, shops, etc.).
There are various approaches to solving this problem.For example, in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, engaged in large-scale project.As conceived by its developers as a result of Kuala Lumpur will become the city, which any citizen will be able to a maximum of 7 minutes leisurely walk to get to any desired object to it: shopping center, the building of the local municipality, police stations, cinemas, restaurants, clubs.This project is called "the city of seven minutes."
authorities in Beijing, capital of China, went the way of large-scale construction of highways.It has done a lot of work.To appreciate its scope, it is enough to say that in the city there are already 7 ring freeways!But the problem of congestion is still very relevant.Besides a very acute problem of air pollution.
From the perspective of the citizens of different states surveyed by sociologists, the ideal modern city - a place where calm and comfortable living, you have the ability to quickly get to work, and after it just as quickly return home or go to thetheater, concert, restaurant or club.In the city should have a good ecological environment and effectively working government, the rule of law.