music world of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart seems to listeners from different sides: they are hidden and inaccessible secrets very clear there is reality, it takes in the space provided and there is inseparable from human rights.
musician Mozart's talent inherited from his father, a violinist and composer of the court, under the able leadership that develop musical abilities of children.Boy genius manifested itself in the age of four, he quickly mastered the art of playing several musical instruments, even composed music.While touring performances father klaviristki sister and brother, singer, musician, conductor and improviser, caused rough delight of the audience.
At the age of fourteen he was already the owner of the Papal Order of the "Golden Spur", a m
ember of the Philharmonic Academy of Bologna in the Italian city.
Numerous trips provide an opportunity to get acquainted with Mozart musical works and composers from different countries, helping to develop different genres of music.
first symphony appeared in the little composer after meeting with German famous writer of music by Bach, but in the age of twelve talented Wolfgang gets musical orders.But the capital's courts of Europe did not pay attention to the gifted youth, and Mozart had to perform a post of concertmaster at the court of his native city of Salzburg.It is the creation of sacred music, entertainment pieces, to which he turned in his later works.Many classical music lovers know overflowing humor "A Little Night Music."In a great number of works created by the composer, it is highly transmitting rebellious mood of the era of "Sturm und Drang" G Minor Symphony №25.
Symphony for violin, keyboard sonatas, operas - musical heritage left by Mozart before his arrival in Vienna.Vienna debut of the composer, the work of "Abduction from the Seraglio" was highly praised, but later received orders for the opera very often.
main creations of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - the opera "The Marriage of Figaro" and "Don Juan."Opera "The Magic Flute", praising the bright and intelligent, full of sorrowful feeling unfinished Requiem genius - the latest creation of the great composer, remains forever immortal.
artistic interest of the composer, a new deeply and embodied, formed under the influence of works by Bach, Handel and Haydn.
Music talented composer acquired deeply individual traits, it becomes perfect, and the Viennese court he was required only as the creator of dances for masquerades.
death of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was sudden and gave many reasons for the existence of speculation about poisoning genius (it is appropriate to recall the tragedy of Pushkin's "Mozart and Salieri").
for the next generation of Mozart's creative heritage is an inimitable example of music.The art world of the great composer inhabit a variety of characters, messaging features of human character.From works breathes the spirit of the events occurring in the era of the life of a genius, chief among which is the French Revolution.
According to research by physicians and psychologists, Mozart's music is able to cure people of various diseases, as it has a positive power.Special effect of music of Austrian composer produces children, providing a fruitful effect on their psyche and intellect.