In 1992, Christina Aguilera became a member of the new children's television show America's «New Mickey Mouse Club» alongside Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and other future stars of "zero."It immediately became apparent to the participants, primarily due to the surprisingly strong, seductive voice.Already at a young age Christina begins to write and record his own songs.So, in 1999, the young star signed a contract with RCA Records and released his debut album, which is called "Christina Aguilera".The album has sold millions of copies.And already in 2000 Christina received her first Grammy.

In 2001, the singer changes the romantic image of a more aggressive
and sexy and writes the soundtrack for the movie "Moulin Rouge" with Pink, Lil 'Kim and Maya.The track «Lady Marmalade» became an instant hit and the singer brought worldwide fame and popularity.

Two years later, the second album of Christina Aguilera with the provocative title «Stripped» and clip to the song of the same name.Frank video seminude dancing singer on the verge of censorship, instantly causing a flurry of emotions, many music channels even prohibit it from running in the daytime.Nevertheless, the album is a huge success, it is recognized as the title track, the single and the song «Beautiful» has become one of the most renowned in the career of Christina.

In 2003, Aguilera again radically changing its image - becomes a burning brunette and sent to the great American tour with Justin Timberlake.In 2004, she became the face of the advertising campaign the Mercedes Benz stands as one of the leading music channels.

third studio album of the singer called Back to Basics came in 2006.This disc was the pilot - it is possible to hear all the latest musical trends of modern sound and charm of yesteryear.During the performance with the song Keeps Gettin 'Better she gets another Grammy statuette.

In 2009, the singer released a brand of spirits in his name, and was withdrawn in the documentary about the band «Rollin Stones».Christina Aguilera's latest album «Bionic» had stunning success, but it is one of the favorites for its loyal fans.Recently, she was recognized as one of the richest women in the world.Today, Christine is recording new songs, raising her son, as well as taking an active part in charity events.