history of painting

At the time of the creation of the painting "Danae" - in 1636 - Harmensz van Rijn Rembrandt was already the most famous wizard in the Netherlands.This painting reproduces the famous episode of the Greek myth of Danae, the daughter of the king of Argos Acrisius, which Oracle had predicted the death at the hands of his own grandson.In order to avoid the death of Acrisius imprisoned Danae in the brazen tower, guarded by fierce dogs.However, this did not stop Zeus.He entered the tower golden rain, and Danae gave birth to a son, Perseus.

Rembrandt in his painting depicted the moment of penetration into the tower of Zeus in the form of golden r
ain.It affects the composition and richness of excellence sustained in the golden hues of colors paintings.In this work, there is nothing superfluous, every detail thought out by the author.With live and free smear master transmits ease covers, heavy folds of curtains and draperies.Illuminated by the soft light of a completely flexible plastic body of a young woman.The whole look of delighted spectators Danae charm, freshness and deep sensuality.

as a model posed for Rembrandt him dearly beloved wife Saskia van Eulenburg, whom he also immortalized his masterpieces such as "People" and "Self-Portrait with Saskia on his knees."


June 15, 1985 in Hermitage, along with a guided tour came a man.In one of the rooms that was put "Danae," he previously asked the custodians of the museum, some of the paintings are the most valuable.Then he went to the "Dana", pulled out from under his jacket and threw the bottle all its contents to the canvas.Immediately bubbled paint the picture and began to change color.Later identified as experts - in the bottle was sulfuric acid.But the attacker that was not enough, he pulled out his knife and slashed twice now.

Vandals turned 48-year-old resident of Lithuania Bronius Maygis.His action, he explained political motives.However, the court found him mentally ill (he was diagnosed - sluggish schizophrenia).Bronius Maygisa placed in Leningrad psychiatric hospital, where he spent 6 years.After the collapse of the Soviet Union sent to the Lithuanian Maygisa psychiatric hospital, where he was soon released.

Restoration "Danae" lasted a long 12 years.On the paper were attracted the best restorers of the country.In 1997, the picture is again taking its place in the exposition of the Hermitage.Now the "Danae" protects the armored glass.