Go to the website of the Vienna State Opera.Select the language you speak, the site provides English and German.
View menu at the top of the page, the fourth paragraph there Tickets, click on it.Next to this submenu item, select it in the Online Ticket Sales (Online-Kartenverkauf).
Explore the list view on the right side of the table provides information about how many different price category tickets left on the concrete representation.The cost of tickets that can be bought over the Internet is from 10 to 240 euros.
Select interesting you an idea, click Purchase tickets (Karten kaufen).Before you will be presented with the scheme of the auditorium tickets available when you hover the cursor position on window appears indicating the ticket price for an adult and ch
ild.Mark the tickets which you would like to purchase, click Continue (Weiter) at the bottom of the page.Remember that the reservation of seats is limited in time, if you do not have time to complete the purchase within 10 minutes, you'll have to start over.
Recheck places, tickets for which you selected, they appear in your shopping cart.Click Continue (Weiter), on this page, it is located at the top right.The system will ask you to register.Provide your e-mail, name, address, including zip code, telephone.Next you need to again press Continue (Weiter).
Enter your credit card information to agree to the terms of ticket sales please tick the box I accept.Payment by card Visa Electron, can not pass.
Check your e-mail.In your e-mail a confirmation of booking a place to submit.Print it.Exchanged for real tickets at the box office on the day of the Vienna Opera performances.