explain this trend can only be worsening conditions at mentally ill people, as well as to develop a series of measures that would provide real protection of children and young people from abuse is not completely healthy adult males.

punishment should not be soft

At the moment, the forced labor system does not have the proper punishment for those who like a child's body.They're filthy and corrupt the soul of the child, but it does not carry anyone tangible punishment.The term of imprisonment for them to be maximized without parole for good work and behavior.Such men, unable to cross the threshold of the colony, immediately find a new victim among children.While

need to punish and negligent parents, as in the tragedies with their children are as guilty as the perpetrator himself.If the neighbors see the US child under 12 years of age
, one in the street or at home, they immediately report this fact to social services.In Russia, children 6-7 years old, walking alone on the street or left at home for some reason, is the norm.

chemical castration

Some countries, among them a number of states in the US, France and Israel, used the chemical form of castration for persons accused of violent crimes against children.This operation is done after the verdict of the court, but only after the consent is given voluntarily exclusively criminal.The drug is administered castrated, inhibits the production of the male hormone testosterone, and extinguishes any, even the most perverted sexual fantasies on the topic.

Public Chamber of the Russian Federation has already proposed legislative bodies to make such an article in the Criminal Code.And Russia may soon introduce on its territory a sentence.However, such an amendment has opponents, whom not so little.They offer such an effect on convicts can be made only with the consent of, when the obligatory presence in the procedure and the prosecutor, and the lawyer.

Strengthening responsibility

Many people believe that chemical castration will not give effect as the monstrous fantasies are not born in the pelvic organs, they are born in the patient's head.And the need to strengthen the punishment of the criminal.Depriving a person of erections can lead to even more dreadful perversion, that's just a proof of guilt of the case will fare much worse.

And it would be good to somehow filter the information from the Internet, where today you can find any video pornoizvrascheniyami.