you need
  • camera,
  • at least two light sources,
  • table,
  • fabric,
  • model,
  • decorations,
  • color filters,
  • macro
Set the table on which you place the ornaments that are going to take a picture.You can put them on a beautiful piece of cloth or silk pillow or on a special stand for the glass ornaments.Make sure only to ensure that the background color is not too colorful, decoration otherwise get lost in the picture.Pick background in contrast to emphasize the dignity of earrings, pendants or rings that are going to shoot.If decorating is dominated by bright colors (it is made of white metal with light ston
e), put it on a black velvet or silk pillow, you'll see how beneficial it would be to watch.
Install lighting.Use devices that you have.It is not necessary to have a full set of the professional world to take pictures of beautiful jewelry .You can use one or two of the light source, it is important how you set them.One use for general light, can put on it a special color filters (translucent plate of bright colors, which are placed on a lighting fixture).Let the fill light will have a color cast.The second device is set in the vicinity of the subject.Create a beautiful painting light.To do this, close the curtains on the lighting, so that the light fell on the decoration part.So decoration sparkle in the light.
Bring your camera lens as close as possible to your subject.Photographing the best decorations in macro mode ("macro" in Greek - "big").Macro will reveal all the advantages of object you shoot, see the texture of decoration convey the play of light in his ornaments.You can use a special magnifying lens to remove the extra-large.Such lenses can be purchased at specialty photo shops or buy over the Internet.If you shoot SLR camera you can buy or rent a dedicated macro lens.Follow focus, use the manual mode."Harsh" a small object in the blurred background will look very favorably.