title "People's Artist of the USSR" was established by the Central Executive Committee September 6, 1936.It was the first highest honorary title of the country.It was first awarded the Moscow Art Theater founders Konstantin Stanislavsky and Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko, his lead actor Ivan Moskvin, and Vasily Kachalov and outstanding opera singer Antonina Nejdanova.Among the first folk artists also included the composer Alexander Glazunov and the great masters of opera and Feodor Chaliapin, Leonid Sobinov.All the years of existence of the title "People's Artist of the USSR" in 1006 awarded its people.The most recent in 1991, before the collapse of the Soviet Union, he managed to
get a veteran MAT scene Pilyavskaya Sophia, the famous actor Oleg Yankovsky and "Russian pop diva" Alla Pugacheva.
In modern Russia survived other honorary titles - "People's Artist of the Russian Federation" and "Honored Artist of the Russian Federation."The title of Honored Artist considered lower rank than the rank of the national, but is mandatory stepping stone to its preparation.It is assigned to the artists and directors of theater, film, stage and circus and performing musicians, choirmasters, choreographers and conductors.Of course, by the time they have to win some recognition and work in the arts for at least 10 years old.People's artist can be only 5 years after receiving the title of the honored.Although, of course, he is rewarded, not everyone honored artist.Interestingly, in theaters in Moscow, where he works a lot of popular artists, this title is often impaired, really high is considered a national title.
It should be noted that not all talented artists, and loved by the people managed to get the honorary title.Suffice it to recall such prominent figures of Soviet cinema 70s - 80s20 century, Vladimir Vysotsky, Oleg Dal and Andrei Mironov.Has achieved quite an incredible love of the people Vladimir Vysotsky was never a popular artist, and was awarded a title of Honored posthumously.Charming and intelligent Oleg Dal had no titles and bitterly called himself a "foreign" artist.The highest recognition awarded brilliant Andrei Mironov, but he never became a People's Artist of the USSR and was content with a more modest title of People's Artist of the RSFSR.One can cite many other examples.