Biography Micah

Krutikov Sergey was born December 11, 1970 in the Ukrainian Donetsk.His first musical experience he got home to find an accordion on which aspiring musician honed his skills for future stars.Two years Sergei studied at the music school, but gave up and threw it made in the Russian music school after the eighth grade.

in the School of Music in the rhythm section, Sergei studied for only two months after enrolling in the Metallurgical College.

Promayavshis in college for four months, Sergey habitually left his wall and went to vocational school, learn adjuster automated lines with numerical control
.While studying at the vocational school, he worked part time as an actor in the theater named after Artem and after vocational went to Leningrad, where he enrolled in the Higher School of the trade union culture.Then Sergei waited Leningrad University, he finally finished, and finally moved to Moscow.

career and death of Micah

leaving group Bad Balance due to a conflict with Vlad Gross, Micah began work on his own solo project.The name for his new band - "Jumanji" - he borrowed from the cult adventure film in which he played the title role of his favorite actor Robin Williams.The post of Director of "Jumanji" Micah took his school friend of Alexander, and later joined a group of other friends of Micah, who played with him in Bad Balance - bassist Bruce and choreographer Monya.

As stated by Micah Bad Balance in the music he did not really have enough melody to which he has always gravitated, in spite of love for rap.

debut album Micah in the "Jumanji" - "Bitch-love" - ​​has become very successful.Songs from it are popular hits and brought Micah status of the best Russian artist in 1999.The group started active touring, Micah wrote the remake of the song "We are the children of the big city" together with its author Sergei Galanin and even thought back to Bad Balance.However, in June 2002, with the singer had an accident - he suffered a severe stroke and died four months later.

talented singer was buried in the cemetery Vagankovsky.For twelve consecutive years, its director Alexander Ovrutsky holds annual evening dedicated to the memory of his friend Micah, who did not have time to show the world all the innermost depths of his musical soul.