from parties directly or indirectly affected in this case, there are several versions.For example, the wife of Ignatius Leschiner applying to law enforcement authorities the day after the disappearance of her husband, has published a blog post.In it she said that her husband conducted surveillance several cars and garden all the way to just "hang on the tail."That this situation has forced the man to leave the car, leaving a foreign car on the track.Fearing for his life, Ignatius did not have time to pick up the car no documents, no money.

himself discovered 28-year-old scientist entangled i
n the events and dates, answers questions of reluctant.When they found him, Ignatius was poluvmenyaemom Leschiner condition.Asked how he got lost in the woods outside Moscow, said that all five days in hiding from pursuing him with dogs and flashlights police.In my defense, law enforcement officials say they learned about the missing person just a day after his disappearance.

own version, there are doctors who examined found the scientist from Harvard, lost in the forests around Moscow.According to them, in Ignatius Leschiner there are signs of persecution mania and hallucinations.Today, unfortunately, the doctors can not say for sure that was the reason for such deviations.Until now, it is not possible to question the scientist.In his answers a lot of mysteries and confusion in dates.It is known only one thing: all five days Ignatius Leschiner ate grass and sorrel, which strongly undermined his health and may impact on the psyche.

Ignatius Leschiner was discovered in the village Golygino in Sergiev Posad district.During this time, he had already a criminal case.Central Investigation Department of the Moscow region immediately announced the official version of what happened: scientists simply lost in the woods.This information is provided Gumennaya Irina, a spokesman for the GSM RF IC Moscow region.No official explanation for the reason why the Harvard scholar threw the car on the track and went into the woods at night, is not given.