nineties were rich in groups or one-day, as they are called, one-hit groups.Today, artists like Haddaway, John Scatman, staff Snap!almost forgotten.But their hits in the direction Eurodance What is Love ?, The Scatman's World, Rhytm Is A Dancer us back to youth discos, where without them does not do any evening.Fire - camaya known energetic dance song of the German band Scooter, which collected 90 stadiums.Equally popular was the hit Get Ready For This band 2 Unlimited, sounded as a soundtrack in many youth films.The Italian trio Eiffel 65 has become famous thanks to his hit single Blue (Da Ba Dee).On the crest of a wave at the end of the last century was Robert Miles with their melodious songs, the most recognizable of which was Daydream.
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he musical Olympus nineties took gentle and romantic ballads.Memorable strong female voices in conjunction with touching texts form the basis for the creation of the immortal hits I Will Always Love You (Whitney Houston), My Heart Will Go On (Celine Dion), Stop (Toni Braxton), My All (Mariah Carey).Male vocals were not as popular.This is confirmed by the song heading the charts of those years: The All for love (Bryan Adams, Sting, Rod Stewart), Careless Whisper, Last Christmas (George Michael), Tears in Heaven (Eric Clapton).Many of these songs have become symbols of eternal love movies, while others began to sound in a special way for those who are under them first kissed your soul mate or danced the first dance of the young.
In the nineties developed rapidly new career young pop idols.Listening to the songs of Backstreet Boys (We've Got It Goin 'On, Get Down (You're the One for Me), Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely), N'Sync (Bye Bye Bye, Gone, I Want You Back), teenage girls all over the world fantasize about meeting with idols, and recording on cassette hits of pop princess Britney Spears (Sometimes, ... Baby One More Time, Crazy, From the Bottom of My Broken Heart), imitated her.
In the last decade of the last millennium has continued her career Madonna famous tracks like Bad Girl, I'll Remember, Secret.In addition, the King of Pop Michael Jackson is releasing new albums with the immortal hits of Earth Song, Black or White, Remember The Time.
among rock music were popular singles Smells Like Teen Spirit, Rape Me, Polly (Nirvana), Blaze of Glory (Bon Jovi), Crazy (Aerosmith), Californication (Red Hot Chili Peppers).