Millions of people around the world German rock music is associated with the band Rammstein.The team was founded in 1994 and works in the tradition of German rock with elements of industrial metal.It pays great attention to Rammstein outrageous that manifests itself in everything: in the lyrics of songs, music videos and large-scale stage shows.

In 2005 and 2010, this group received the Award World Music Award, which the International Federation of recording (IFPI) presents for selling over 10 million sound carriers.

One good and best Rammstein album is considered to be «Mutter», released in 2001.The team conducted a tour to support the album, seriously increasing army of fans.


Another world-famous rock band from Germany.Scorpions are known members of the older generatio
n, asthe beginning of their work is dated 1965.This veteran rock scene has yet to lose its popularity, performing concerts in different countries.

During its history, the Scorpions managed to sell about 150 million copies of their albums.Already in the first issued by the disc («Fly To The Rainbow») was evident individual style, created by a team: powerful guitars, combined with melodic vocals.

In 1980 he released the album «Animal Magnetism», which is somewhat different from the previous ones: he was very energetic, in the best traditions of hard rock.For years, this record remained "card» Scorpions.

Das Ich

Rock band, who began writing the story in 1989.Das Ich play music that can be classified in several styles: industrial, darkwave, electro-goth.The group is remembered not trivial, somewhere even extremist poems, on a rather gloomy music.Concerts Das Ich conducted with extensive use of make-up, costumes and a variety of decorations.


This band was formed in 1998 and works in the genres of industrial metal and medieval metal.Most of the works involved Tanzwut drums and electric guitars, as well as intricate bagpipes, which are made by the participants of the group.

Tokio Hotel

representatives of a new wave of German rock.The team was created in 2001, but gained worldwide popularity.The group consists of young guys playing uncommon and daring music.

add that the list of German rock bands would be incomplete without Oomph, Eisbrecher, Megaherz, In Extremo, Lacrimosa and Unheilig.These groups have also left a bright trace in the history of music.