addicts, regardless of the type of drugs taken, do not last long.They are pretty fast losing characteristic of living organisms, survival instinct.According to statistics, about 60% of them within the first 2 years after the onset of drug use consciously go on the offense or attempted suicide.

Despite the seriousness of this problem, the history of the fight against drugs has almost a hundred years.In February 1909 in Shanghai organized the first international anti-drug commission, which consisted of the Russian Empire.The main task of the commission was convened to solve the supply of opium and its derivatives in the European countries from Asia.

again the need to combat drug world community sta
rted talking almost 80 years later.During this period, the problem has escalated significantly.Opium took place "heavy" drugs for intravenous use, the number of associates has increased significantly, and the disease itself dramatically younger.

In 1987, the UN General Assembly has organized the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, which is celebrated annually on June 26th.The decision was taken in December 1987 in accordance with the recommendation of a special international conference, to take the appropriate plan for future activities in drug abuse control.The main purpose established event - drawing the attention of people all over the world on the need for joint efforts to address the problem of drug addiction.

According to the latest UN data the number of people who use drugs, ranging from 3% to 6.5% of the world's population.On the territory of Russia is home to about 5 million drug users.In addition, our country occupies a leading place in the world on the use of the most dangerous narcotic substance - heroin.Every year on drugs in Russia die from 30 to 40 thousand. Man.