If you - a talented singer and consider what your song should be the main song of Europe, try to get to the Russian selection round of Eurovision.At the same time you have to keep a number of conditions, for example, your song is not to be known to anyone but you.Among other things, the ideal length of your composition should not exceed three minutes, and the song has to be English-speaking.
The Russian qualifying round of the Eurovision Song Contest is organized by Channel One.Once it starts to broadcast the announcement of the selection of compositions, safely submit their song to the editor.If you are lucky, you will find yourself among the 25 participants in the pre-selection and get the right to play
the song live with his qualifying concert.Remember that the candidature of the artist, who will go to Eurovision from Russia, depends entirely on the choice of the audience, so try to get them interested in your number.Next, the most difficult stage - you will find yourself in the Eurovision Song Contest and will represent Russia.
If you want to get to the Eurovision Song Contest as a spectator, be careful with buying a ticket to the show.You can do this by visiting the website fashionable tourist destination, where the travelers stop by residents of other countries, will help you find free housing in the city, where the Eurovision Song Contest.Instead, you have to share with the person to provide you with accommodation, stories about Russian culture and Russia in particular.
defined the housing, you can book tickets to the city of the Eurovision Song Contest.Most comfortable is to get on a plane, but this method is very cheap.On average, 30-40 thousand rubles will be enough to feed and small waste.If you plan to visit a couple of the restaurants have to take some more money.
You can also take part in the Eurovision Song Contest as an organizer.For this you need a foreign language.It is possible that you can even go on the very stage during the concert.If you are a media representative is sufficient to obtain accreditation, and then all the doors Eurovision will open before you.