Western creators

One of the most popular artists of our time is the American Jeff Koons.Favourite creator - kitsch.Bright colors, confusion, unusual materials and ideas - it is possible to buy a Koons very popular back in the 80s of the 20th century.Today, the artist - the president of the Corporation's own Jeff Koons, creating unusual sculptures.The most popular work, "statuette" in a full-length Michael Jackson with his pet monkey, covered with gold (sold for $ 5.6 million);"Heart" (bought at auction in 2007 for $ 23.6 million) and "Tulips" (also went under the hammer for $ 23.
6 million). One of the most fantastic series author - giant sculptures created from elongated balloons.Bright dogs, Balloon Flower 3, "Tulips" look easy.However, the weight of such sculptures can reach several tons.

Despite the high cost of Koons, the richest contemporary artist Damien Hirst is from the UK.The central theme in the work of the creator's death appears.The most popular series of blasts all over the world, has become a Natural History.Hirst formaldehyde preserved in alcohol in several dead animals: zebra, cow, shark, sheep and others. In his craving for reproduction are inevitable, but the unpleasant ending life, the artist received the nickname "the singer's death."

One of the most expensive painters Jasper Johns is living in Connecticut, USA.In his works, the creator uses predominantly bright, rich colors and simple images: letters target, flags, numbers, maps.Concerning the styles chosen by Jasper Johns, researchers still do not have a single opinion.Some attribute it to pop art, others - to the neo-Dadaism.

East does not sleep

It is worth noting that in the art world today is dominated by the creators of the Asian countries.The leading position in this respect is China.Several artists from China are among the ten most-most.

leader among his countrymen became Zeng Fanchzhi.Today, the artist departed from his usual expression and previously focused on the symbolism.Soft colors, total tranquility and relaxation Fanchzhi paintings done by one of the most popular Asian artists in the world. first exhibition of paintings Zeng Fanzhchi outside of China held in 1993.However, a record sum for the works the artist began to receive relatively recently: in 2008, painting "Mask Series №6" creator brought $ 9.7 million.

Another popular artist in the world of China's Zhou Chunya.Truly global popularity of the master brought a series of works "Green Dog".Animals of different, poorly identified species captured in a variety of emotional poses.According to the author, this "dog" is a symbol of isolation and uncertainty of the human condition in modern society.Total profit works sold was € 23,9 mln.

Speaking of artists from the East, not to mention the Japanese creator Takashi Murakami.Painter, designer and sculptor creates a very expressive, positive work, connecting them real opposites: East and West, past and present, chaste and vulgar.In the West, brought fame Murakami collaboration with Marc Jacobs - Japanese worked on the design of goods Louis Vuitton.