confrontation between the powers lasted 6 years, it swept a third of the territory of the planet, not only the land but also the sea.Full remained neutral throughout the war, only 11 states, but they are somehow supported and sympathy to the participating countries of the armed conflict.States were at the front, were two huge coalition is "Axis countries" (Axis Rome-Berlin-Tokyo), and the countries of the anti-Hitler coalition, which eventually included 59 states.

«Axis countries»

Coalition "Axis countries" constituent states: Germany, Italy, Japan.They unleashed the most terrible war.Germany acted as the initiator of battles, its policies and tactics allowed the fascist troops invade Austria and the Czech Republic with almost no fighting.With the German attack on Poland on Sept. 1, 1939 was
given to the count of the Second World War.

Italy spoke on the German side for one reason: its leader, Duce Mussolini, sympathized with Hitler's regime, but the active participation of the country in the theater did not take, so the threat is not.Japan has participated in hostilities, but it was a Japanese-Chinese war for resources in China.When 6 and 9 August 1945, Japan dropped two atomic bombs, it quickly capitulated, realizing the senselessness of further resistance.The Second World War ended.

anti-Hitler coalition

contribution of the anti-Hitler coalition in the victory uneven, some states were intense fighting at the front, others helped with food and supplied military products.Some of the countries involved purely nominal, in fact - in any way.The maximum contribution to the defeat of the Nazis brought the Soviet Union, together with it the United States and the United Kingdom.

Soviet Union became involved in the war at the time of the German attack on its territory, June 22, 1941.And from that date, up to 9 May 1945 begins a special period in the framework of the Second World War - the Great Patriotic War.The most terrible battle of this period occurred in the Soviet Union.The most terrible of them was the blockade of Leningrad.However, the country survived and in 1943 launched an offensive on all fronts.

When the Nazis were ejected from the territory of the USSR in 1944, the US opened a second front in Europe.But this was done not so much for the help of the Soviet Union, as the outcome of the war was already a foregone conclusion as to eliminate the spread of communist ideas in Western Europe.

World War II casualties

maximum losses suffered USSR, the entire European part of the country was destroyed, destroyed towns and villages, factories or bombed or evacuated to the Urals and Siberia.Killed more than 27 million Soviet citizens, many of them were killed in concentration camps.Total destruction was estimated at 128 billion. Dollars.

Germany lost 6.5 million people, most of them did not come back from the Eastern Front.The destruction in the country were estimated at 48 billion. Dollars.