Dolmatov was born in Moscow in 1979 and the music has become not just, however, today it hits listen to a lot of people, there is even a fan club, from which, unlike, colleagues, Gough is not hiding, many of you know where he livesperformer, but because at the entrance of high-rise buildings can often meet the fans with notebooks or flowers.


Alex a few times changed his place of residence.The first time was due to the fact that his parents decided to move to another country.In the 80's, when he was just a child, he had to go after her parents in China.There he has got a lot of friends, and even tried to learn Chinese.In the period of stay in China Gough managed to get an education in one of the higher educational institutions of the co

Guf registered in Moscow in the apartment of his grandmother, that did not stop him a few years to rent an apartment in the city center.


SUGEF become uncomfortable to live in this contradictory country, and he decided to go back to his hometown.In Moscow, he began to live with his grandmother.It is a lot of songs dedicated to his place of residence: it is no secret that the main house is Dolmatova Zamoskvorechye district of Moscow.It is in their musical works rapping about how to live there, and the attentive listeners can in one of his songs to hear even the name of Novokuznetskaya Street, where he is "father's" house frame.By the way, now serving Gufan can be seen rarely, a few years he and his wife lived in an apartment in the city center, meticulous fans, of course, and know this address, but it's not Alexei catch.

Again moving

own housing frame is not got, because, according to his ex-wife, he does not belong to the category of people who have their own apartment, it is important.It is enough and swap options for conducting its activities.

To date, the exact address of the Executive is not specified anywhere, because he divorces his wife, so that they had to leave the apartment in which they lived all their married life.This apartment is located central part of Moscow.Many believed that the SUGEF owned luxury apartment, but after disorder Isa (his former wife), in an interview said that the dwelling was rented.The cost of rent is 200 thousand rubles, that a lot, even by Moscow standards.The current location Gufan is known only by his loyal fans.