Pinch and wind instruments Ukraine

To learn about the rich musical heritage of Ukraine, should visit the small museum of Ukrainian folk instruments, which is located in Lviv, and ask numerous exhibits strings, percussion, noise and wind instruments.In most cases, for the production of tools, while normally used the available materials: wood, animal skin, and later - the metal.

So, the most common folk instrument Ukraine- brass: sopilka (can still be called pipe), flutes, whistles spring, flute and telinki, which differ not only in appearance, but also the number of holes.Did a wind instrument mos

tly made of wood, rarely bark.Historians believe that the progenitor of all the wind instruments was an ancient Greek cittern.The first wind folk instruments are mainly popular among the shepherds.In the western part of the country were more popular trembita and various horns.

Among stringed plucked instruments were popular: bandura, kobza, harp, basholi, Torban, cymbals, which is owned and poets better singer.The main difference between all-stringed plucked musical instrument - the shape and the number of strings that plays a major role in the sound and timbre of the sound.Today, most of the sound of folk instruments can be heard only in the folklore ensembles.

Drums and Percussion Instruments

Earlier Ukrainian instrument that originated in the days of ancient Russia - different noises and percussion instruments.So to play dry and bing used a folk musical instrument like a ratchet.Another tool is the noise - the ruble, which has already been used to create a stream of dry sounds.Ruble is a ribbed board with teeth on which you want to play, using a thick stick.

But the most famous percussion instrument - a drum.Feature drum is its height uncertain sound.Tambourine is a thin rim of wood, covered with leather top.In addition there are diamonds on the sides of which hung bells, thereby providing a more vivid and rich sound.

Today, many traditional instruments can be seen only in museums, but they are still prototypes of modern musical instruments, which already have a very different look and sound.