How did the Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty - is a national landmark and one of the main symbols of the United States.This monument was donated by the United States by the French people supporting the Americans in their struggle for independence.According to the ideas of architects positioned the Statue of Liberty as a symbol of democracy and independence.

idea for this architectural structure appeared in 1865 and is owned by a Frenchman by the name of Edward de Labulaye.To realize this idea in practice, he helped the then unknown sculptor named Frederic Auguste Bartholdi.As a result, it was intended to design a huge lighthouse in the form of a woman holding the right arm's length
of the torch.According to the idea, that the torch lights the way for sailors traveling to New York harbor.

design and build this monument lighthouse famous Gustave Eiffel (author of the Eiffel Tower in Paris).The result is a steel frame, weighing 125 tons and a height of 93 meters with the pedestal.The lighthouse was built in such a way that the inside of the statue can be free to move and climb the stairs to the most important observation platform, located in the crown.Incidentally, the lighthouse has been restored several times: it was added to the modern lighting elements (laser light).

Where is the Statue of Liberty

It was erected on the island of Bedlow (Liberty Island) in New York.The opening of this architectural attractions there in 1886, accompanied by cannon shots, fireworks and siren.Since then, the legendary Statue of Liberty every day greets the ships entering the port of New York, and receives tourists from different parts of the world.By the way, the full name of the monument reads: "Liberty Enlightening the World."Currently, there is also the very first layout of the Statue of Liberty, which can be seen in Paris, not far from the famous Eiffel Tower.

Why is the Statue of Liberty is to New York

The fact that the site chosen for the future of the lighthouse itself sculptor Bartholdi.It was he who decided that the future has to stand on a pedestal Bedlow Island (Liberty Island), located 3 kilometers from the southern border of Manhattan.Sculptor assured that this place - the best solution in the location of the woman with a torch, which every day will meet the ship bound for New York, and illuminate their way.According to Bartholdy, it allows you to Liberty Island to realize original idea into practice more fully.

According to some information, like the Statue of Liberty was originally erected in Port Said, which is located in the Suez Canal, which, in turn, connects the two seas - the Mediterranean and Red.However, this project has not received the implementation and the future decided to erect a lighthouse still in the United States.