Choosing the right musical instrument is very important for the harmonious musical development of the child.Master the instrument in any case should not call your child's negative emotions if the very visit the music school he meets a constant resistance, to think seriously about changing the musical instrument.If this does not help, talk with your child more options for additional training, perhaps closer to his sport or chess.
Balalaika and Domra - folk stringed instruments.They are good, and boys and girls.It should be noted that after mastering the basic skills of playing these instruments, learn to play the guitar much easier.
guitar - one of the most popular musical instruments in the world.The ability to play it is always a great interest and admiration.However, it is best to master the guitar along with vocals.
accordion and accordion - not the most popular instruments.They are large and rather cumbersome.This tool is rarely causes enthusiasm among children.It should be noted that the accordion and accordion develop wonderful ear for music, but the child should be of interest to those instruments, and not to impose them.
Flute - a gentle and graceful wind instrument, which is traditionally considered feminine.Flute developing ear and puts proper breathing, after the development of this tool, you can move on to other spirits.
trombone, trumpet and other brass instruments are traditionally considered "boys'".By the way, the boys who know how to play wind instruments, after reaching conscription age have a chance to get into the musical regiment that could seriously ease their passage service.
cello, viola and violin are stringed and bow group.These tools are developing a musical ear to a greater extent than the rest, but, unfortunately, they are very difficult to master.Parents whose children are learning to play the viola or violin, you need to be prepared for a horrible creaking sounds at the beginning of learning.
Piano - a very popular and sought after instrument.Learning to play well on it is difficult.In the past, the lack of tools at home because of its high cost and bulkiness forced parents to send their children to learn to play the other, more compact instruments.At present, need to buy a piano or piano, it is possible to manage a synthesizer or digital piano, which do not take up much space.It is worth noting that the synthesizer can do in the early years of training, but if your child is serious, will have to think about buying this, or digital piano.