Any kinds of hand harmonics that are not related to the accordion or button accordion, called Harmony.Harmony are wonderfully diverse.The tool is designed as follows: There are right and left half-shells, each of them is a keyboard with buttons or keys.Normally, the left is used for the accompaniment keyboard (there may be located basses, chords, or both), and the right - for the melody.In the half-shells is fur, which pumped the air, it was he, and sound.

Hand squeeze - a very ancient instrument.According to historians differ as to where it was invented.Someone thinks the birthplace of Russian accordion, while others - Germany.Hand harmonica - grandparent and accordion, accordion and, although the modern classification of herself sometimes referred to as an accordion.


accordion - an instrument, which is located on the right-hand keyboard chromatic scale, and on the left - basses and chords.It should be noted that the understanding of the accordion in several different Russian and world traditions.In Russia, the so-called just a tool, whose right has a piano keyboard type.In the world traditions attributed to the accordion and harmonica and accordion.

believed that accordion emerged from the Russian accordion, which in 1829 improved the German master Demian.He called the instrument accordion, although the Russian language the word is horrible not because the German and French language.However, even now in Russia is the most common accordions from Germany.


Bayan - a modern kind of hand-harmonics.On the right the keyboard he is the chromatic scale, and on the left - basses and chords.Bayan called in Russia and in the Western tradition referred to as button accordion.

differences between instruments

Bayan accordion and the left have the same keyboard: it has two rows of three rows of the bass and chords.But right keyboard they differ: accordion keyboard looks like a piano and accordion at the three rows of buttons in the chromatic scale.

Garmon easily distinguished from the accordion and accordion on the following grounds.Firstly, a tone harmonica (generally indicated tonality of the major scale).The fact that generally accordion - diatonic tool, although there are varieties having small chromatic set of sounds.Secondly, accordion typically has smaller dimensions and a small set octaves.

There are many kinds of harmony, but for the most part, they have a number of bass and chords in the two rows of the left keyboard.Right keyboard differs depending on the type of accordion: usually two rows of the diatonic scale, meets three rows Chromatic (accordion "hromka"), may be the key (Saratov accordion), and is the accordion, where instead of the right keyboard only three buttons (accordion Talianki).In general, the manual harmonics that are not called accordion or accordion, refer to the harmony.