All variety of the famous Tretyakov Gallery, it is possible to inspect only a few days of planned excursions.You can devote a whole day, but during that time you do not get to examine each exhibit.It will therefore be useful to know what exhibits should pay special attention.There are many examples.Let us dwell on some.

One of the first issues on the list of judges of art - painting "The Appearance of Christ to the people" by Alexander A. Ivanov, famous for its historical and biblical works.The author depicted the Jewish baptism in the Jordan River by John the Baptist.It is an outstanding work of the XIX century can be found in Hall 10.

famous painting of Alexey Savrasov Kondratyevich "The Rooks Have Arrived" is located in Hal

l 18.It is familiar to all the pores of the school symbol resurgent simple aesthetic beauty of nature.

inspired numerous followers artists, intriguing "Stranger," written by Ivan Kramskoi at sunset XIX century - also deserves special attention.Its attractive, almost demonic look awaits its admirers in the 20th Hall of the Tretyakov Gallery.

original, perhaps the most famous works of the Russian Expressionist Ivan Shishkin's "Morning in a Pine Forest" can be seen in Hall 25.

In the Tretyakov Gallery you can see many famous icons of outstanding painters.For example, "Trinity" Rublev's icon of the Mother of God of Vladimir and many others.

Everybody knows Repin, Vasnetsov, Surikov - the great artists of the Russian homeland.They should also be seen in the first place.

The Tretyakov Gallery is a department of sculpture.There you can get acquainted with the works of many well-known sculptors.It was in this gallery you can see the famous work of art - "The Rape of Europa" Serov.

Every lover of art will certainly find for himself something valuable and memorable when you visit the Tretyakov Gallery, in fact no coincidence that the glory of this place spread far beyond Russia.