How it all began

word "art" today has more pathetic, trendy shade that misleads inexperienced intellectuals.This is due to the fact that many members of the "pseudo" show their work, calling it "art".

Meanwhile, it is worth noting that the art parties and art shows have appeared long ago.Just before these phenomena were other names, namely, bohemian, modern intellectuals, literary evenings, etc.

Well, this phenomenon shows the 20th century.Activities futurists at that time very few people liked, but their community from the modern point of view can be called art-parties, performances and art shows (remember Mayakovsky).

word "art" began to be used in the USSR, when the informal art was gradually emerge.So representatives of this trend challenged the public, using a foreign word.

Art hangouts

word "together" is not a serious sense and is a convivial gathering to exchange views and various discussions.No wonder that this word has been combined with modern art.This contemporary art - it is a challenge of everyday life and the replacement of established norms of informality.

Art party in the modern sense can have several meanings.In general, because of these multiple values, and there is total confusion, since it is not clear that it is called the art crowd.

broadly to art coterie are all active members of contemporary art, which will not only create, but also take part in special projects.

In turn, the projects themselves are also sometimes referred to as the art crowd.A key project in Russia, laid down in 1996, is considered the "Art-Moscow".The project is an annual fair of contemporary art, which gives an opportunity to implement a new talented leaders.However, the correct

will still focus on understanding art party as a layer of society that deals with contemporary art.

Art Show

art show is interpreted by modern dictionaries as a very bright artistic performance.But even this concept is already out of date.Sure, the art show there are these statements, including, but at the moment this concept has expanded.

COSMOSCOW in Moscow has always been considered an ordinary fair, but the organizers at a press conference called the project an art show.Subsequently, the rest of the exhibition came to be called art show.

This means that the present invests its meaning in the concept.Art show - is any visible representation and presentation of art to society.

epicenter of events

For any art-party must be a space where you can gather for events and discuss trends of art.The most famous Russian cultural center at the moment is called "Loft Project Floors."

also any member of the art-known hangouts annual international exhibition of the London Frieze.This fair can be called an art show, every year it gets more and more significant position.