Chamber orchestras are precursors of symphony orchestras.Before the advent of the latter in the XIX century chamber orchestras performed secular music, sometimes accompanying singers.Their name comes from the Italian "camera" - ¬ęthe room, chamber", as chamber orchestras were a small group of musicians, often from 4 to 12 people.Often, in the XVII century, these bands contained ducal court.
distinctive feature of the chamber orchestra is that one party marks the one musical instrument.In turn, the symphony orchestra, thanks to a much larger structure, a group of musicians playing one game in unison.
In the process of historical development of chamber music, chamber ensembles consisted of musical instruments such as a solo string or wind instrument and piano;two pianos, or piano, which was played by four hands;one or two violins, viola
and cello (string trio);violin, cello and piano;piano, violin, viola and cello.
instrumental chamber orchestra composition fickle, because each particular product requires a specific musical instruments.But the core of any modern chamber orchestra are stringed instruments.Often the group is 6-8 string violins, violas 2-3, 2-3 cello and double bass.For the execution of the figured bass in the orchestra include the harpsichord and bassoon.Often in the chamber orchestra consists of wind instruments.Since the XX century, a chamber orchestra characterized by freedom, as if by chance the composition, which is determined by the artistic conception.
The repertoire of the majority of the chamber orchestra includes works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Vivaldi, Arcangelo Corelli, Tomaso Albinoni, George Frideric Handel and Georg Philipp Telemann and others. In addition, the musicians perform workscontemporary composers.
chamber orchestra format is most convenient for operation in small towns, because they do not require a lot of resources for maintenance, such as, for example, the Symphony Orchestra.Among the many famous chamber orchestras worldwide teams.Among them are the English Chamber Orchestra, which recorded more than 800 CDs with works in their own performance and gives concerts around the world.