What song?

Song - little verbal music.Soloists and chorus.

Lyrics differ from other poems.They have a clear composition.Each stanza is a complete thought.A string is equal to the phrase.The Russian song poetry widely used triplex.

The song between music and words, there is a special bond.The melody of the song reflects the imaginative content of the text as a whole.The melody and lyrics are composed of stanzas or verses (often with chorus).

little history

song as a musical genre that originated in ancient times.In the Middle Ages there was no separation of poetry and music.There was only singing art.For example, the songs of the troubadours.

first songs were monophonic.But in the sixteenth century in Italy and France, they have to perform, accompanied by one or more mu
sical instruments.So there polyphonic singing works.

These different

songs are folk and author (professional).They closely interact with each other.Composers in their works using folk melodies.And some original songs in time become so popular that people believe their own.

In the eighteenth century stands in the song genre, song chamber romance accompanied Keyboard.During the French Revolution formed the genre of mass revolutionary songs.His glaring example - "La Marseillaise."

In the early twentieth century, many countries saw the rise of the revolutionary working songs.Her best international sample - "The Internationale."Revolutionary songs served as a source of mass songs, which became the leading genre of Soviet musical art.

particularly active mass song evolved in our country during the Civil War and the Great Patriotic War.She absorbed the traits of the folk song.

Song warmed soldiers in the trenches of the cold.He raises the attack.As news of the house, she gave love and hope.

great development in the twentieth century has reached a pop song.She sang and soloists and vocal and instrumental ensembles.In 60-70 years the tradition was revived singer.

songs are lyrical and hymn, solo and choral, with or without accompaniment, personal and revolutionary ... They are different genres, forms of execution in the warehouse.All songs are different.But the main thing they have in common: the songs live the people's soul.