you need
  • - accessories;
  • - lights;
  • - music CDs;
  • - snacks;
  • - drinks;
  • - ¬ębrand-Wall."
Carefully read the collection of paintings , which is to be exhibited.Determine its genre and style.Find similar exposure on the Internet and learn the experience of major museums and shops in the design of exhibitions.
Pick the accessories that will complement s paintings.Do not worry, that they would be superfluous.Properly chosen details help create a sense of immersion in the world of your collection.It can be decorative items, furniture, accessories, kitchen utensils.All items must fit in with the general atmosphere in a natural way.For example, arranged on an antique desk antique tomes perfectly fit into the theme o
f the exhibition of paintings of classicism.
Pick the appropriate colors of the walls.In most cases, the exhibition of paintings ideal background in the spirit of minimalism, not to attract attention.However, for some genres, such as avant-garde or Tachisme, appropriate extravagant drapery fabric or rich shades.
Pay special attention to the light, because it is the lighting plays a key role in creating the atmosphere of the exhibition.There are different degrees of muted, the ability to direct light streams in different directions.Consider a separate illumination of each object exposure.
create the most positive and stylish atmosphere.Achieve the perfect order in the halls.Put the comfortable sofas in front of the most ambitious paintings, which need long-term viewing.Provide an opportunity for visitors to buy drinks and snacks.
Pick music that will be one of the key elements in the creation of the overall atmosphere.Repelled by the theme of the exhibition and its stylistic direction.However, regardless of these factors, give preference to an acoustic version of the song.