Start with the sixties.One of the most important figures in rock music of the late sixties and early seventies of the twentieth century, is the figure of Jimi Hendrix - American guitar virtuoso.Jimi Hendrix, according to many contemporary rock musicians, has had an enormous influence on the development of rock music and became virtually the founder psihodelisticheskogo direction in rock.Hendrix played in the two musical groups The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Band of Gypsys.Feature music played Jimmy, was the consistent use of guitar effect Wah-wah, which gave the sound of this band is unique.
Go to the seventies.Iconic figures of these years were the leaders of Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin Ritchie Blackmore, Jon Lord and Jimmy Page and Robert Plant.Two incredibly talented British team became the progenitors of h
eavy metal.Ritchie Blackmore and Jon Lord - guitarist and keyboardist of Deep Purple.They include such world famous rock hits like Smoke on the water and Child in time, which also scored Deep Purple vocalist Ian Gillan.More weight in the keys and at the same melody in the guitar solo - is the characteristic feature of the game these musicians.
Listen to Led Zeppelin.Jimmy Page and Robert Plant - guitarist and vocalist of Led Zeppelin - were the main composers of the group.The first album of the same name had incredible success.A distinctive feature of the performance of these musicians was the use of psychedelic tricks like vocals, and the guitar performance.In particular, Jimmy Page is often used when a violin bow to play the guitar, thus creating a long-lasting sounds.
Pay attention to the blues.It was another booming trend in rock music 70s, one of the most prominent representatives of which was the guitarist Eric Clapton.Music Clapton found a lot of popularity in the twentieth and twenty-first century.Incredibly great talent guitarist let him stand on the stage with blues legend BB King, with whom Eric was a joint creative project.Ease of removal of each note - so you can designate a feature Clapton blues performance.
Moving on, do not pass by such renowned rock musicians like Joe Satriani and Steve Vai.Two guitar virtuoso breathed life into the direction of rock music, was already dying when they raised it to a new level.As you know, Steve Vai was once a pupil Satriani, learning his guitar mastery.Knowing such famous tunes as Tender Surrender or For the Love of God, we can say that lessons were not in vain.Many critics would say that music Satriani - is a solid demonstration of the technology.However, in fact, Joe Satriani showed only that the new technique of playing the guitar opens vast possibilities of creativity in rock music.