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Listen to the first albums of Led Zeppelin.The emergence of this group on the rock scene of the sixties defined the general direction of development of the future of rock music.The brightness of the electric guitar, an unusual but strong vocal performance - all that gave the world of Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, guitarist and vocalist of the band Led Zeppelin.Well-known hit Stairway to Heaven, is an example of the style group includes both soft acoustic performance, and melodic guitar solo.As is known, the group ceased to exist after the death of drummer John Bonham.
Please note that it is in the 60 years it has become popular to play heavy music.The acoustic performance of gone by the wayside.The progenitor of this performance style of rock music was the group Jimi
Hendrix Experience, led by the brilliant guitarist and vocalist Jimi Hendrix.J. Hendrix during his career had become an icon for all future guitarists and singers of both heavy and light rock music.The band's songs Jimi Hendrix Experience huge amount of time given lingering guitar solo acoustic guitar with special effects, which is generally the basis of any song in the style of rock.After some time of its existence, the group disbanded, writing at the same time a huge number of albums.The next project was a group of Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsys, having a smaller number of part, but not becoming less popular.The band recorded one album and then after a while Jimi died and the band ceased to exist.
Do not pass as a rock band like Deep Purple, if you want to taste the juices of heavy rock music.The group Deep Purple, is known to act as part of the five persons: vocalist, drummer, bass guitarist, lead guitarist, keyboardist.The band members in his work followed the style of execution Led Zeppelin, adding another heavy keyboards and Jon Lord.Anyone who is interested in rock music, of course, know the name of guitarist Deep Purple.The brilliant guitarist Ritchie Blackmore has presented the music of the group is incredibly juicy and expressive solos.Riff composition Smoke on the Water knows, even those who are not interested in rock.
Take note also listen to a band like Scorpions, if you are a connoisseur of vocal performance.Voice talented vocalist Klaus Meine not leave anyone indifferent.Composition Still Loving You today is a hit the world of rock music, and is often used by other vocalists to showcase their abilities in various music competitions.German band Scorpions became popular in the 70s and 80s of the last century, and it has so far.