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  • - recorded the song.
Listen carefully song several times.It does not always understand the meaning and beauty of the music immediately after the examination.If you own musical terminology, then analyze for themselves the tone of the songs, arrangements, composition break the party, make sure the overall harmony.However, this is only necessary in those cases, if you write a review for highly specialized publications, or to order.
Specify the style of the song and the sound of music.Select the recording quality, while being careful not to compare it with the previous works of the artist.Be sure to tell the reader that you were surprised and pleased when listening.The only exceptions are cases where a whole
album on the order better or worse than its predecessor.Briefly, the best one or two sentences, describe the meaning of the song.Note particularly the composition and the new trends in design.
Learn as much as possible details about the song.Perhaps its creation coincided with some significant event in the life of a performer.Try to make your review , not the catechumens before the facts.At the same time, be objective, non-essential stuff will not give your reader no grounds for interpretation.Try to analyze the work as something completely new.Do not write stamps, otherwise your review will be a clone of millions of other descriptions.
Write a review , not proceeding from his personal relationship to the artist.Be frank, no matter whether you go to every concert of the singer or trying to bypass his creative side.The review must not contain only negative information or praise.Remember that you are writing a song about it.