country must first select the artist and song.The minimum age for all participants - 16 years.For artists who are younger than that age, there is a separate children's song contest "Eurovision".
Nationality party does not matter.Any artist can represent the country, even without being a citizen.Singers forbidden to appear on stage in adult form and commit provocative acts.
can participate in the contest, only one song from each country, so it should be chosen with great care.The composition for the "Eurovision" to choose a new one, which is not performed before 1 September (or October), the previous year.The song should last no more than three minutes.
use of phonograms is prohibited, the performer must sing live.On stage should be a maximum of six artis
ts at the same time, so you can use the recording accompaniment (background vocals is not considered).The song can be sung in any language.
composition must not publicly or commercially distributed by a certain date, which is set by competition.For the participant representing the host country viewers can not vote.For a more equitable scoring was introduced by a professional jury.This innovation has been created because of the "neighbor" vote.After the execution of all songs begins the voting itself, to which allocated 15 minutes.Points audience and expert jury summed up by half.
All the votes for each country are counted and summed up separately.The results are transmitted via satellite from every country.According to voting results revealed the top 10 songs.For every occupied space set aside a certain number of points: first place - 12 points, the second - 10, and the third to tenth - 8-1 points.Country-winner is entitled to spend at the next contest.
Number of performance are determined by the drawing of lots.Due to the large number of participants in the contest made the semi-finals, which are required to pass all of the country except strany- "hostess" (Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy and France).The finalists are the participants who took the first through tenth place.The winner of "Eurovision" signed a contract with the European Broadcasting Union, under which it undertakes to attend all EMU started touring and activities.
To participate in the contest, you must submit an application, which consists of several documents.Write a profile, enter the full name, first name, and date of birth, place of birth and place of residence and postcode.Exactly the same profiles necessary for each member music and dance groups, if they exist.
Be sure to write the statement of the author or authors of the text and the music compositions that this song is original, never used commercially, creative work is created and can be legally enforced candidate.The text also enter passport details and the date of the subscribe.
Make two versions of the text of your poems claimed the song - in Russian and English.Attach two soundtracks with accompaniment and without it, the applicant recorded on CD or mini-disc.Recording artist performances on stage should be on the DVD.
More attach photos of the entire group in costumes on CD.There has to be a major, common and average plans in files with the extension jpg or bmp.
All expenses (phonograms, travel and lodging, and other expenses), you pay yourself.The application sent by the following address: 115162, Moscow, st.Shabolovka 37, marked "Eurovision".