define the purpose and gather material

Objective - this is the main idea you want to convey your text.For example, you can write about an interesting place, an event or problem.Having defined the purpose of this question collect some material.Any article begins with the preparation of the material.Entries can be carried in a notebook or journal.Like this journalist, you should have a voice recorder.When collecting information will be useful to take photographs.The most successful of them can get to the article.

The material can be used personal observations, notes on events, interviews, photos and videos of events, information from the Internet.Any information surrounding you can encourage to start writing an article.

Determine the readership and style
of writing

Each material must be chosen by the audience - consider their sphere of interest, age and other characteristics - marital and social status, gender, religious affiliation, and so on.From these factors will depend on the style of presentation, the amount of text, and so on. D.

The same information can be conveyed to the audience different styles - in the form of an interview, a simple description or story.A few words about the existing styles:

  • Research - article written in the form of analysis of the situation or event.
  • information - article should contain information about an event: description, details and facts.
  • Chronicle - is necessarily events should be set out in chronological order.
  • feuilleton - is a genre that is based on the techniques of humor and satire.Quite difficult to learn and immediately be able to write in this style is not all.
  • Portrait sketch - describes some person or group of persons, his (their) hobbies, interests, outlook on life, and so on. D.
  • Interview - a genre in which necessarily must contain a conversation with a person or a whole group of people.
  • Report - describes the events that are taking place right now.

Start writing immediately

When writing an article should be no one specific genre.Over time you will form your special style.So, to start writing, decide the purpose, then collect the necessary material, decide the audience and select the genre of the article.Do not be afraid to take the first step, because as the saying goes, the road by walking.