oversees all around.Either way, a work of art can be almost any object in your field of vision: building the track in the player, photography, flower bed.Enjoy the fact that you like.
Analyze what you see.Ask yourself the question: why do I like it?What is so unusual or beautiful?It can be a pleasant sound, bright color, regular shape, graceful movement.
Record.You can, of course, relying on his own memory, but it is more convenient to work with records.Comparing the results of observations of different objects, find similarities and differences.By the way, the verbal form is not exclusive: You can sketch and ma
rk important areas liked the subject.The quality of the drawing is not essential, so run to the art school is optional.
Attend cultural institutions: museums, theaters, galleries, concert halls and clubs.It is advisable to take with friends.During the action do the same as usual: observe, remember, analyze.Listen to the opinion of friends: they can see the details that eluded you.
read scientific works on the theory and history of art, in particular, Gnedich encyclopedia "History of Art".At the request received Outline or copy information in an easy to memorize shape.
back to his notes from time to time.Compare them with the newly received information about the genre, era, the era of the political system, other categories of art.Offhand determines which type of art is a particular subject that you can see for the first time.
enjoy the process.Art is designed to arouse pleasant feelings in a person, light impulses.After another cultural event you should experience peace and recovery.If you feel that you holding force - just go away;apparently, it is not your work.