What is the nudes?

nudity in art is called a model that poses for a painter or a sculptor without clothes.This allows the artist to convey accurately the proportion of male or female body.In addition, the image model is naked often requires the plot - in fact in the history of society was the era when people occasions appeared before others was naked.Ancient artists studied the structure of the body of the models and tried to pass it as accurately as possible.To have survived mainly sculptural images of people of Antiquity, but history has preserved the names of not only artists, but also some models.For example, the famous
Thais Phryne.The ancient Greek sculptor Praxiteles left to posterity her features, for it is with her, he sculpted Aphrodite of Cnidus.

Nude in Renaissance painting

In the Middle Ages there was a church ban depict naked human body, even if the story demanded.Moreover, the church forbade not only to represent but also to study the human body.Violation of this prohibition doctor or an artist could pay with their lives.The change came in the Renaissance.According to legend, Leonardo da Vinci's work as follows.First he drew the main line, then - the skeleton, then "put" on his muscles and finally clothing.This method has found fans, and among the artists of later periods - for example, the Romantics.The artist of the Renaissance was perfectly know the anatomy.He knew not only the construction of various parts of the human body, and their functions, and how to interact with other parts.Naked human figures can be seen in the paintings of Titian, Raphael and other artists, especially Italian .. It is possible to write the human body in its original form was considered the masters of the era as a spiritual liberation.

Nude artists of different eras

The paintings masters XVI-XVIII centuries nude human figures occur constantly.The Rococo and Baroque popular in high society became frivolous scenes.In this genre of work, such as Fragonard.In times of classicism in art back ancient stories, that is, on the paintings of famous artists appeared again the heroes of Greek and Roman legends.Nudity can be seen in the paintings of masters of the Dutch and Flemish schools.A striking example - the famous "Danae" by Rembrandt.Much attention is paid to the human body naked expressionists and impressionists.

Nude in Russian painting

Russian masters in whose paintings you can see beautiful naked human bodies were Karl Bryullov, Bruni, Shebuev and later - Serov and Repin.Top Russian artists improve their skills in Italy, in front of their eyes were pictures of the greatest painters and sculptures of the most famous sculptors.But in St. Petersburg there was the classical school, where the teaching of anatomy was conducted at the highest level.

Nude as part of the training

Education academic drawing consists of several stages.Novice artists usually learn to draw first plaster models of ancient sculptures, while studying anatomy at a special rate.To this day, the adherents of the classical school is considered a way of learning best.