you need
  • laptop;
  • screen;
  • projector;
  • film;
  • room;
  • sum of money;
  • Internet;
  • phone;
  • column.
find room.It should be large enough for everyone to see the film it could accommodate.The room must be at least a screen or white wall for video projection.Take care of the seats.If the chair is not enough (or not) - it does not matter.Arrange the floor space, for example, nicely decorated pillows, carpets, brilliant hand painted mattresses.It all depends on the format of your event.If you are going to show film for a young audience - to create a relaxed atmosphere will be even desirable.To find a place, contact the clubs, art centers, galleries city.The place
should be known, but at the same time had not previously used to show films.Such organizations usually provide premises rent-free, only stipulates the mandatory mention of the place in advertising, you'll make your event, but it is quite logical trebovanie.Provedite screening of the film in the open air, in an abandoned building under the bridge ... Find unusual placethat your show was not like the others.Such extreme forms of conduct will require more resources, but all participants will remember for a long time.
equipment rental show.You will need a projector, laptop, screen, speakers, microphone.Rental equipment is not expensive, all together - no more than 5 thousand.And remember, there is always the opportunity to negotiate free.Perhaps, the equipment will provide you with the organization where you will conduct the show.Or you can go to any youth center.If you are clear about your leadership goals and explain what they intersect with the objectives of the center, then your chance of getting free equipment significantly increased.In addition you should definitely give the person who will maintain the equipment during the show.In extreme cases the technique can be taken from friends and acquaintances.
Write a script evening.At the beginning of the word, take yourself and tell us about the event itself.This is a one-off show, or is the beginning of the series?And imagine the film, which is going to show.Tell us why you personally interested in it and decided that it should show.Say a few words about the film's director, writer, how did the work.It is best to find a way to invite the director himself.On the meeting with him is better to negotiate in advance for a month or more.Because creative people can be very busy and have to plan your time in advance.After favors director, starts showing.After watching necessarily organize the discussion.It is important to be prepared for it in advance.Background to the debate should be at the very topic of the meeting.For example, you are going to show film about unemployment, drug addiction, social disorder of some people.Claim about the problems that are going to discuss in the advertising text of the meeting, the name of the evening, so that people know where they are going, and were ready to advance obsuzhdeniyu.Pomnite that by itself screening of the film has no value unless you do not invite people to the cinemathe premiere of the film.If you are going to show already known film, the show itself has to become an occasion to discuss, debate, controversy.So spend a thorough preparatory work.