often in symphonic orchestras violin is used for the conduct of the main musical theme.Such a role can execute one or more violins.Violin solo belongs to the first violinist.By the way, to begin to learn to play the violin better than the age of four.

types and categories of violins

Currently, the music market, there are several basic sizes of violins.For example, the smallest violin novice musicians fit size 1/16.The most popular size is considered to be 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, ¾.Typically, these musical instruments are selected for children who are already engaged in a music school or have recently started to learn.For the average adult would be the best instrument 4/4 violin.Also can be created and violin intermediate sizes 1/1 and 7/8
.However, they are the least popular.

Also, there are three main categories of violins - artisans, factory and factory.Artisan called handmade musical instruments.Usually, they are made for a specific customer, and can be passed from generation to generation.Basically, there are full-size violin artisans.

manufactory violin - are the tools of the last century.The truth can be found among them, and then broken recovery tool.Therefore it is better to buy a violin with a professional.

The factory violins called modern musical instruments, which are manufactured in various factories.True violin this level is a basic budget option.In the secondary market, they will have no value.

How to choose a violin

To pick up a violin for themselves need to put it on the left shoulder and pull the left hand in front of him.At the same time the head of the violin will be in the middle of the palm of a musician.Fingers should completely encircle the head.Today consumers can choose the classic or electroviolin.

Some musicians prefer to only classical violin, because the electric version of the tool can not provide a clear sound.Especially playing in a symphony orchestra on electroviolin impossible.Timbre and tone, it is very different from the classic version.When you buy a violin should not choose the first available tools.