in France in XVII-XVIII centuries particular importance was given to the suit.Camisole, stockings tied with ribbons, skirts on the frames - all the attributes of the time.After all, they convey the atmosphere of the dance, giving the movements of grace.Today minuet refers to historical dance, but to this day, women prefer a ball gown, and men - Thrace.
In France in the XVII-XVIII centuries particular importance was given to the suit.
As the name implies, the basis of the minuet make small steps.Dance music has a certain size: 3/4 or 6/8, which is reflected in the accompaniment.Louis Beauchamp - a teacher of Louis XIV offered him dancing figure in the form of a letter "S".Dancers and choreographers of the time described in his writings as a figure in the form
of numbers 2, 8. The most popular later became a figure in the form of the letter Z. She performed today.
The basis of the minuet make small steps
Minuet begins one pair or several pairs at once built.Typically, they are an even number - 2 or 4. This is the main drawing dance, to be determined in advance.Movement in the pair begin with menuetnogo bow.First, it makes the man, then a woman perform obeisance.
If the costume hat complements the man, it must be removed at the time of reverence, and during the dance move from hand to hand when making turns.A hand in which a man is holding a hat, should be bent at the elbow and positioned directly behind.Then minuet continues to execute movements in the form of the most popular figures of the dance in the form of the letter Z.
Partners makes 3 steps forward with the right foot, moving the series.Then turn over your left shoulder.Serve each other opposite hand.3 steps are performed in the opposite direction.Still holding hands, dancing make two steps forward.Woman takes a few steps along the arc, bypassing partner on the left side.Partner goes one step back, then a step to the left side.At the end give up.
Minuet today historical dance
Next dancing disperse small step in the opposite corners.The figure is repeated several times during the dance, depending on the length of the composition, which is performed under a minuet.At the end of each pair of dancers perform additional 1.5 range, before returning to the starting position.The dance ends with a bow men.Women performed again curtsy.