all starts from childhood

to become a good dancer and get decent fees, you need to start doing since childhood.Girls come to dance school with a very early age - 4-5 years.Usually such schools exist in all communities.Many of them are subject to certain selection criteria.In class the children learn the basics of classical dance, stretch and develop hearing.From 9-10 years old ballerina future can enter the Ballet School - a kind of ballet school with bias.It also does not take all comers.In the future ballerina should be a good choreography training, special ballet posture, small stature, low weight, long neck and small head.See also on the rise and its legs turnout.Students trained at the bench, repeating the classic ballet posture, strengthen the muscles, stretching
and achieve a good turnout of the foot.By the way, pointe shoes are not right: first, the girls are taught ballet movements, jumps and then after that trained to dance on the tips of his fingers.

began his professional career

Talented girls start to act in serious productions have 10-12 years of age.Performances - is not just training and development of movements.At the core of the play is the idea that it is necessary to express dance, gestures, facial expressions.In the view of the special role played by acting and emotion.This dancer is able to express any feelings, and interact with other members of the production.In addition to plastics, machinery classical elements and a sense of rhythm, a dancer may need knowledge of gymnastics and acrobatics.
Many dancers continue their education in universities, for example, MGUKI.There they can learn a profession or the head choreographer art collective.

dance at their fingertips

pose on pointe entered the women's dance from the beginning of the 19th century and remained in classical ballet forever.Ballerinas dancing in a special shoe with a solid toe, which records the foot in a certain position.To dance on pointe, you must have stretched the Achilles tendon and ligaments are strong in the area of ​​the ankle.It is also important a good sense of balance and coordination.Dancers rubbed the tips of her pointe rosin for better adhesion to the floor.Each setting has its own ballet choreography and requires its own type of pointe shoe, so dancers have several pairs.On average, a pair of "living" 3-5 months, and during a very difficult play take me a few pairs of pointe.
Before wearable new ballet shoes you need to stretch for his leg, leaving a hard sock and sew them satin ribbons.

to dance on the tips of the fingers is very important the correct posture: working here and legs, and buttocks, and back.The dancers work out the correct position before the reflexes of the blade should be diluted, shoulders down, picked up the buttocks, stomach in, knees extended, the rise of the foot is stretched and the stop itself - and not littered with twisted inward.Ballet - a very beautiful, but challenging form of dance.Ballerina dancing at full capacity, often injured, sprains, blisters.Muscle pain - a constant companion of the talented dancers.However, the ballet - a whole life, and not many are able to give it up.