With voices man can play a wide variety of sounds.He can express the emotional state of joy, anger, surprise.With the vocal folds and their ability to contract and expand, a person can change the intensity of the flow of air, resulting in a different timbre, pitch of the sound.

Human voices are men, women, and children, and each one is special.You can never find two identical voices, each has its own unique as human fingerprints.

ranges votes

Voices vary in height - high and low;timbre - soft, rough;loud and soft.

Voices of different types of different tessitura - plot range in which the voice is the most enjoyable and easy.Every piece singer sings in his tessitura, although a short time can sing all tessitura.

There are women ranges:
- viola - a woman's voice that range is often referred to as the contralto,
it is low, but higher than the male;
- mezzo-soprano - middle voice;
- soprano - a very agile, tall, he can play sounds like trill.

Men following ranges:
- bass - the lowest, very often the voice of this range can be found in the church choir of Russia;
- baritone - the average height, the majority of young men have this range;
- tenor - high male voice, called the "royal", the singers, this range are highly valued throughout the world.

Children's voices are divided into two ranges: soprano and alto (treble), similar to female voices.

Registers votes

Each person's voice are several registers: the chest - low, medium - front-to-head, as well as high - head.In the voice of a certain type, there are passing notes between registers that are not always sound nice and smooth.

There are lyrical and dramatic subspecies votes.Lyrical views of successful plays back high registers.So the voices fit gentle, thoughtful and sad work.

dramatic voices and sounds of the lower register is easier to reproduce and more melodic.They performed works of the party, where you need to show a lot of emotions, passion and power.

can also meet a man with a lyrical and dramatic voice.Such people can easily play sounds and low and high registers.

There are observations that low chest voice and a characteristic of the full, overweight people, and high voices - from slender and slim build people.