youth - it's time to love, it's time to bloom, it's time to light the strange follies and passions.When you are 20 years old with a little and the whole world lies under the feet, feeling overwhelmed, I want to live and strive for the best.It was so Yesenin when he returned to Moscow, met a famous poet and educated lady, Zinaida Reich.

German woman - Russian in spirit

Zinaida Reich was born in 1862 in a family of simple railway worker, a German by birth.Her father was a Social Democrat, was in the RSDLP.Together with her daughter since 1897, they held revolutionary views for the family was deported from Odessa to Bender. Convinced revolutionary Zinaida Reich before meeting with Yesen
in has suffered for a cause.

There Zinaida enrolled in high school and graduated from the 8th grade.Then he went to Petrograd and entered the Faculty of History, Literature, after which at the age of 23 years met with Sergei Yesenin.

Moscow naughty playboy - a family man?

In 1917, Zinaida and Sergei were married during a trip to his homeland Alexei Ganin, a friend of the poet.Bachelor Yesenin spent in Volgograd, and the wedding itself was an ancient stone church and Kirika Ulitty.In this event the crown of the head groom kept very rapidly.

frustration and discord

wedding night was the poet complete disappointment.Woman lied to him that the innocent.The deception was revealed, that left an imprint on their relationship.The marriage was not to last long.As a result, young people have left. drunk, rowdy and rowdy - family life Esenina fully proved difficult nature of the poet.

You may ask, what about the letter?Only after Zinaida remarried Meyerhold, who took her children from Yesenin, the poet could find a warm feeling and write an immortal poem.

you remember,

you all remember, of course,
As I stood,
approached the wall, you go
excitedly around the room
And something dramatic
threw me in the face.

You said:
It's time to leave,
What you tortured
My Crazy Life,
What you have time to be taken for the cause,
But my destiny -
roll further down.

me you did not like.
you did not know that human sonmische
I was like a horse, driven into a lather,
Spurred brave rider.

not know you,
What am I in a solid smoke,
in everyday life turned wholly
Since I suffer and that I do not understand -
Where shall we rock events.

person can not see.
large seen from a distance.
When boiling sea surface,
ship in poor condition.

Earth - the ship!
But someone suddenly
For a new life, a new
glory in the midst of a direct storms and blizzards
She sent majestically.

Well, which of us on the deck of a large
do not fall, do not vomit and did not swear?
Their small, with an experienced soul,
who remained strong in pitching.

Then I
Under the wild noise,
But knowing mature work,
went down in the ship's hold,
not to look human vomit.
That hold was -
Russian tavern.
And I leaned over the glass,
that, without suffering of anyone,

ruin himself in a drunken stupor.

I tortured you,
You have been longing
tired eyes:
What am I before you
parading himself squandered in the scandals.

But you did not know,
What solid smoke,
in everyday life turned wholly
With that and suffer,
What I do not understand,
Where shall we rock events ...

Now the years have passed,
I aged another.
and feel and think differently.
and speak at the banquet of wine:
Praise and glory of the steering!

Today I
The impact of tender feelings.
I remembered your sad fatigue.

And now I tell you rush,
What I was
And what happened to me!

nice to say to me:
I avoid falling from the cliffs.
now in the Soviet side
I am most furious companion.

I became not so,
Who was then.
not tortured, I would have,
as it was before.
Behind the banner of liberty and light
Ready to go at least to the English Channel.

Excuse me ...
I know you're not the one -

You live with serious, intelligent husband;
What you do not need our drudgery,
And I myself
you not a bit unnecessary.

Live so,
How do you lead a star,
Under the canopy of Tabernacles updated.
you always remembering your

familiar Yesenin.


Did he love Zinaida?Some say yes, because until his death carried her picture on the chest ....