main Community instrument families is a symphony orchestra.It's quite a big band playing mostly academic music (classical, students studying musical institutions) Western European composers of 17-19 centuries.Initially, with the advent of European classical symphony in the 18th century, it consisted of brass wind instruments, string (bow) and percussion instruments.Over time, the increased diversity of the representatives of each group.
The structure of small symphony orchestra (50 players) are: flute, clarinet, oboe, horn, bassoon, trumpet and timpani - usually 2 of each type of instrument.And no more than 20 representatives of Strings: Violin (the first - 5 second - 4), Viola - 4 units, double basses - 2,
Cello - 3.
In a large symphony orchestra, where sometimes there are more than100 musicians, string group may exceed 60 instruments (accounting for 2/3 of the total).Markedly replenished percussion group, except for the timpani, this includes plates, tam-tam, the triangle, bells, drums large and small.Wind Instruments presents a group of copper and wood.Contrabass tuba, trombones and 5 (bass, tenor), 8 horns (including Wagner) 5 tubes (including bass, alto, small) - brass band.
Wooden artist has 5 tools each family, as well as varieties of some of them (English horn, alto flute and small, contrabassoon and so forth.).Often added to all four kinds of saxophones, harpsichord, piano, harp.Very rarely - organ.By the number of instruments of similar compositions are paired, triple, quadruple and quinary.
brass band different from the lack of symphonic strings.Wind instruments are divided into copper (shirokomenzurnye - leading and uzkomenzurnye) and wood (clarinet, saxophone, prevailing, flutes, bassoons, oboes).Twice a wooden group is used in a large brass band along with numerous varieties of percussion and keyboard instruments attraction.This allows you to play along with waltzes and marches, and operatic arias, concerts, overtures, symphonies.
folk orchestra made up of national instruments and are arranged according to the musical traditions of the people.To Russian folk instruments are: accordion, balalaika, domra, flute, zhaleyka, horn, tambourine and harp.Depending on the executable piece of music instrumental composition can be supplemented with drums, bells, oboes, flutes and so forth.